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Investing in hydronic heating is a smart choice to make, and Aqueduct Heating Services (AHS) are your go-to experts when it comes to anything relating hydronic heating systems Melbourne households might need. As licensed and insured specialists we’re Baxi hydronic heating’s Melbourne expert with a reputation for superior servicing, repair, and maintenance of Melbourne hydronic heating systems. So why choose a hydronic heating system for your Melbourne home?


With a heating system powered by a boiler, you’re using a powerful furnace heating system, and because water retains heat better than air, it will work harder for longer. As the air is heated, your furnace won’t cycle on and off, ensuring consistent temperature all day long. Moreover, we provide the most cost effective hydronic heating in Melbourne.


Hydronic heating systems eliminate cold zones and unpleasant drafts associated with HVAC systems, and you can set and control multiple zone temperatures throughout your home, allowing every member of your household to manage their own. It operates in total silence, without cutting into your conversations or disturbing your sleep.


Once you switch to our hydronic heating supplies in melbourne, you’ll find it almost impossible to try anything else. After all, what heating system can warm tiled floors and let you install additional decorative style radiators and towel warmers in your bathroom?


With a traditional HVAC system, air is forced throughout your home, spreading dust and allergens and reducing your home’s air quality. With hydronic heating, your home is heated radiantly with water. It also doesn’t dry out the air, making breathing easier thanks to the increased humidity.


AHS are premium residential hydronic specialists, with close to two decades experience in saving homeowners time, money and effort on servicing and ongoing costs. Our support team and technicians are fully trained in all aspects of Baxi boilers from hydronic heating supplies Melbourne, servicing and repairs ranging from minor household panels repair to commissioning large commercial cascading boiler installations.

AHS are exclusive dealers in Baxi Hydronic Heating Systems, a brand that’s a world leader in boiler technology that can reduce your heating bills by a third. Our plumbers are fully licensed and trained to manage system designs, service contracts, repairs and sales. With a full range of spare parts in stock, we’ll get it right the first time, ensuring minimal disruption to your life.


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Welcome to Aqueduct Heating Services

Welcome to Aqueduct Heating Services (AHS), Melbournes leading hydronic heating specialists. AHS has installed Baxi boilers in all types of homes, all across Melbourne and with a support team that is second to none, AHS is the right choice to keep your home warm this winter.

Let the team at AHS takes care of all your Baxi hydronic heating needs from system designs, service contracts, repairs and sales. AHS use only licensed plumbers who have trained and specialise in servicing your Baxi Hydronic Heating System. BAXI are the world leaders in boiler technology with high efficiency models available that can reduce your heating bill by as much as 30 percent.

Travis and his team deal only in Baxi Hydronic Heating Systems and with more than 20 years in the industry, there is no job that the team cannot handle. With a full range of spare parts in stock,  Aqueduct Heating Services guarantees to get the job done right the first time, ensuring minimal disruption to the home or office.

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