3 Types Of Installation To Lower Hydronic Heating Costs In Your Home

If you’re planning on renovating your home soon and installing hydronic heating systems Melbourne, it might be a good time to take a look at your insulation. By taking the opportunity to install or replace your home’s insulation, you can dramatically improve your Melbourne home’s heating efficiency, and you’ll find that the initial cost of installing insulation is repaid multiples times over in the long run by reducing your hydronic heating Melbourne costs.

Homeowners can choose between wall, floor and ceiling insulation as bulk or reflective foil. Examples of bulk insulation include blankets, board and batts and these options are environmentally friendly, nontoxic and soundproof. Reflective foil is used in wall insulation or under the roof. Insulation effectiveness is measured as an R-value, which is a measurement of thermal resistance or heat flow. An increase in R-value relates to increased resistance capabilities.

  1. Ceiling Insulation

Proper ceiling insulation is one of the best forms of protection against heat and cold, providing additional savings in energy costs. For homes in Victoria, the recommended guiding bulk insulation R-value is R 3.5 with higher altitudes requiring R 5.0 for extra comfort.

  1. Wall Insulation

Wall insulation, should you have the opportunity to install it, offers savings in energy costs. Suitable batt insulation for walls includes materials such as polyester and wool (glass, rock and natural wool). Brick veneer, double-brick and lightweight cladding walls can all be insulated.

  1. Floor Insulation

Sealing the gaps between floorboards and installing underflooring insulation will protect heat loss in a home. Products that work well as floor insulation include soft furnishings (carpets and rugs).

Additional steps you can take to enhance insulation include:

  • Installing draught proofing (closing gaps around openings)
  • Installing curtains and pelmets
  • Using energy efficient lighting
  • Opting for smarter window design (glazing) and shading

Insulation must be installed correctly and safely, so it’s best to install it at the same time as you add hydronic heating to your home. For advice on the next step to take, contact Aqueduct Heating Services today. We can help you install heating in your home and advise you on how to preserve and maintain it.

Author: nick thorn