Beating the Eternal Utility Bill Creep with Hydronic Heating in Melbourne

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Cost of living. It’s a big issue and a daily concern for the mums and dads of Australia, watching on as their utility bills climb up and up with each passing year. In Summer, it’s the cost of air-conditioning; in Winter, the cost of heating. And then there’s all those other bills and charges increasing as well, like groceries, medical and public transport.

The cost of electricity is making headlines at the moment, as Melbourne (and all of south east Australia) slogs through an exceptionally cold, blustery Winter. Research by a leading economics consultancy has revealed Victorian, South Australian and NSW households are being slugged more than twice what Norwegian power companies charge and about 70 per cent more than our friends in Sweden. No doubt, there are many factors at play determining electricity costs from one side of the world to the other but you have to wonder what is being done to give Aussies a fairer go? Surely it is in the government’s interest to put downward pressure on our basic living essentials, especially when welfare agencies are reporting thousands of families (in Melbourne alone) foregoing the ‘luxury’ of heating in order to put food on their table.

Energy Australia CEO Rosemary Sinclair says the situation is concerning, describing the overall electricity market as a place where consumers are simply “not seeing value”. So far this year there have been some People Power efforts to put electricity providers on notice. Initiatives such as The Big Switch, run by One Big Switch, attempting to create group-discounted power offers. It’s certainly better than nothing but you have to wonder if the big wigs at the top have even noticed? Perhaps the better question is what can you do to take control of your utility bills? Have you ever considered ways to reduce your cost of heating, aside from the obvious switch-it-off-and-shiver-all-day-option?

hydronic heating system is a genuine alternative and, over its lifetime, could save you more than a fine penny. Granted, like any new service or amenity, there is the cost of installation but we suggest you contrast that with the expense of running your current heating system for the next ten, twenty, thirty years. Don’t forget, the cost of electricity nationally as climbed more than 120 per cent in the past ten years.

When it comes to economic and environmental efficiency, hydronic heating is kicking goals. Provided it is properly installed and maintained, a hydronic heating system can cost at least twenty per cent less to operate than a ducted system in a house with ceilings around 2.7m; and up to forty per cent in households with higher ceilings. Not bad, hey? Considering ducted is typically thought of as a ‘cheaper’ form of heating. Now factor in the cost of electric methods of heating and suddenly, hydronic heating looks like some kind of miracle.

Of course, all heating systems are only as good as the products / service they receive so it is critical you do your research when choosing an hydronic heating system and just as important to maintain its health in the years that follow. Make sure the boiler you install with your hydronic heating system is A Grade efficient, with genuine warranty guarantees.

The Baxi Boiler brand has long established its reputation as a world-leader for reliability and durability. Models, such as the Baxi Boiler Luna 3 and Baxi Boiler Luna HT, are in high demand for this very reason and it is also for this very reason, the team at Aqueduct Heating Services in Melbourne continue to deal exclusively in Baxi Boilers. Why have the rest when you can have the best?

Author: nick thorn