The benefits of hydronic heating for Melbourne living


Discussing the benefits of hydronic heating for Melbourne living

To our international friends, Australia may be known as the Land Down Under, where the Summer sun beats down to a scorched and dry ground. But the reality is, Winter in places like Melbourne can be just as harsh with icy rain, howling winds and thick frosts. Just like cooling in Summer, heating in Winter is critical and you need to make sure you’ve got the best. In a world of increasing costs and concern for the environment, it’s hard to go past hydronic heating; Melbourne’s perfect Winter solution.

What is hydronic heating?

The use of hydronic heating in Melbourne is steadily growing in popularity. Once a rather unknown form of heating, people are catching-on to the many benefits that it provides. Put simply, hydronic heating operates by warming water in a boiler. The water then travels through specially pressurised pipes to a radiator or hydronic heating panels Melbourne that are strategically positioned throughout your home or business. Eventually, the cooled water is returned to the boiler to be reheated and the economical process continues.

What are the benefits?

Well, the benefits are plenty. Hydronic heating in Melbourne is an exceptionally energy-efficient means of keeping your home or business toasty. Like any product, it’s important you use the heating properly to maximise the energy-efficiency while also achieving cost-efficiency. Do it right and the use of an hydronic heating system in Melbourne will cost at least 20 per-cent less to operate than a ducted system in a house with 2.7m ceilings. Better still, homes with higher ceilings will yield even greater cost-savings of about 30 to 40 per-cent.

The use of hydronic heating in Melbourne is also a healthy option. Using natural convection and radiation, your home or business is heated in silence and comfort, without the dust and allergens associated with central heating. Undoubtedly, it is the most ideal form of heating for people who suffer allergies or other respiratory problems.

Hydronic heating is also versatile, with the ability to zone the system to only heat the rooms you desire. It is low-maintenance, reliable and safe — if you have young children, you can rest assured their wandering fingers won’t be burnt by any hot panels or surfaces, unlike so many other methods of heating.

Where can I find out more?

When it comes to choosing your hydronic heating supplier in Melbourne, you want to ensure a good working-relationship, best price and best guarantee. We’ve all heard the saying “a man’s home is his castle; in your castle, you want to know your new heating system will be safe and reliable for the journey ahead. The same goes for your office or shop; you want value for money while also ensuring minimal interruption upon installation. With all of this in mind, you simple can’t go past the team at Aqueduct Heating Services(AHS).

Introducing Aquaduct Heating Services

Founded back in 2004 by one man, AHS has grown to become an industry leader for sales, services and repairs in Melbourne’s expanding hydronic heating market. The owner-operated business is distinguished by its customer service values, product knowledge and commitment to quality, using only the most trusted brand in hydronic heating and boilers; Baxi. Such is the company’s relationship with Baxi, it is now Melbourne’s only licenced service agent for Baxi hydronic heating systems and boilers.

Furthermore, since its inception, AHS has established a strong working relationship with numerous government agencies in Melbourne, all seeking customised hydronic heating solutions for their significant heating demands and costs. Just like those government agencies, the team at AHS are confident once you’ve experienced the pleasure and conform of their hydronic heating services in Melbourne, you’ll never go back to other outdated methods of heating. But don’t take my word for it, visit AHS, The Hydronic Heating Speciaist, online at

Author: nick thorn