Can Baxi Boilers Save you Money?

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Many people have recently been switching their heating systems to a hydronic boiler system, and while this could be due to the fact that boiler heaters can reduce your impact on the environment, they can also save you money on heating bills in the long term.

Whilst many people prefer not to invest in radiator heaters for their home, more often than not these individuals are unaware of the significant benefits this type of heating system provides on all fronts. In fact, hydronic heating is considered one of the most efficient and pleasant heating sources by providing constant warmth within its defined area with the added comfort of silence.



  • Gas boilers generate heat in the way of using natural organic materials – gas and water, in order to produce warmth throughout your home or work space.
  • They are reliable in that they function for a long duration of time without the need for a check up, intervention or a replacement. This will ultimately see you saving money on such services in the future. However maintenance is important and often required to ensure the consistency of the boiler’s functioning.
  • hydronic heating is a healthy choice. Through the use of hot water processed through pipes and heating coils, hydronic systems provide a radiating heat offering a gentle warmth all throughout your home without blowing air into the space. This means the risk of aggravating allergies and related conditions such as asthma is significantly reduced as dust mites and other toxins aren’t being blown in and around each room.
  • hydronic boiler heaters have a high functioning efficiency meaning they provide a high standard of heat circulation in your home or office without the excess costs that are often attributed with this form of heating.


Gas boilers recycle through the water in the system. This means the water is generally still warm once it reaches the boiler and hence requires less gas to be utilised in order to reheat it, therefore producing a lower cost than other traditional gas heaters. Solar hydronic heating systems are even less costly to function as the reliance on the heat from the sun omits any use of a gas system to provide heat, and therefore saves you money on heating bills.

If you are building or undergoing some extensive renovations, it may be time to consider the appropriate heating system for your space, and hydronic heating could be the solution you are after.

To choose the right system that is likely to be the most cost-effective solution for your home or office area, be sure to look for a higher efficiency system. These will generally include the right systematic materials and functions such as insulated pipes and the boiler itself to ensure heat loss is at a minimum.

If you are thinking to consider hydronic heating for your next project or home or for all your hydronic heating solutions in Melbourne, call us at Aqueduct Heating Services for the best advice on a range of systems and services that will best suit your area and convenience.

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