Can You Go Off-Grid With Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating supplies Melbourne is one of the best ways to keep your house snug in winter. It’s stylish, low on energy and very efficient, but what if you have an off-grid house? More and more people are going off-grid in Melbourne these days, so can hydronic heating be altered to fit in with this lifestyle?

Is it possible? Simply put, yes, you can have an off-grid house with hydronic heating. Of course, you would still need a heat source to warm up your water. So, what types of heating sources are there available for you? Here’s a list we’ve complied. 

  • Solar Power

As one of the leading energy sources for off-grid houses, solar power can be harnessed via panels on your roof that convert the energy from sunlight to fuel cells or batteries. Solar energy is being heralded as a clean energy source of the future, and worth looking into if you wish to hydronically heat your house off-grid. 

  • Fuel Burning

Fuel-burning may not be the cleanest or the most economically viable option, but it is a great way to heat water. Many solar-powered hydronic systems have a fuel-burning booster utilising coal or wood. In the notion of achieving two wins at once, you can even have a wood-burning fireplace in your living area for ambience and connect it to your hydronic heating system for the comfort of a warm home and heated water. This is also especially useful for days when the sun is not shining, and therefore your solar energy is somewhat lacking. 

  • Wind Power And Heat Pumps

Wind turbines are another increasingly popular clean energy source. A turbine would have to have sufficient space, though, and getting permission from the city to erect one is essential. Wind turbines can also be used for hydronic heating by converting kinetic energy into heat via a heat pump. Heat pumps work by taking power in the ambient air and turning it into heat. This heat is then used to heat the water in your hydronic heating system.

Off-grid living seems to be the way of the future. With escalating fuel prices, there has never been a better time to start looking at renewable energy for your house. Keeping warm in winter needn’t be sacrificed. You can stay warm, save money, and save the planet by switching to hydronic heating supplies in your Melbourne home! 

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Author: Aqueduct Heating