Decrease Your Energy Bill This Winter

Winter can be costly. You have a never-ending stack of receipts from visiting the doctor as your family pushes through flu-season, you’re constantly shivering, and your energy bill keeps going up. Moreover, though you have your mind set on hiring a company that specialises in hydronic heating in Melbourne, you’re certain there are other helpful ways you can warm up your home in conjunction with your newly installed system. Go ahead and order that new system – and implement the following money-saving tips for even more savings.

1. Rearrange Your Home

An obvious action to take is simply rearranging your home furniture. During summer months, we can overlook our radiators and make our homes more breeze-friendly. However, in winter months, we should make sure that our radiators aren’t hiding behind large pieces of furniture to ensure efficient heating.

2. Close Doors

Less frequented rooms often stay open, which will affect your heating attempts in your home. By closing doors to these unused rooms, you’re isolating the heat to your main areas and will keep your space warmer.

3. Open Windows Once In A While

Although opening your windows during winter can help with fresh air circulation, you are also likely to lose significant heat by doing so. If you’re cooking or baking, try to keep the windows slightly open to allow for air flow and eliminate condensation, while still maintaining the heat generated. Having windows open with your hydronic heating system on is a wasteful energy exercise.

4. Identify Draughts

Do a comprehensive check of all your windows and door frames to ensure that no gaping holes are allowing cool air to flow inside. Seal entrance and exit-ways carefully to instantly keep your home warm with your hydronic heating system.

5. Redecorate Your Floors

Warmer days may have had you rolling up all your carpets and packing them away, but now is the time to bring them out again. Thick carpets can be helpful if your home is tiled, as they also give a room a warm, cosy feeling.
When used in addition to changing your home’s heating, these useful tips are inexpensive and easy to implement. If you’re in the market to reoptimise your heating, consider contacting Aqueduct. We focus on hydronic heating in Melbourne and are happy to advise you on the best solution to warm up your home.

Author: Aqueduct Heating