How Do I Know I Have A Heating Problem?

Winter is almost on its way out, but you still feel like heat is escaping your rooms. You constantly feel cold and can’t ditch your layers of clothing just yet. You have a hydronic heating system, but could it be that it’s not working? How would you even go about troubleshooting the system if it was? Should you consider hiring a professional to take a look at it? If you find yourself asking yourself these questions, then yes, it’s time to consider contacting a company who services hydronic heating systems in Melbourne.  So, what should concern you? 

1) You Have No Heat 

If you’ve already established that you have low to no heat coming from your hydronic heating, then this will be your first major tell that there’s indeed an issue. From air blocks to varying water levels, this can be quickly diagnosed by a professional service provider. 

2) There’s A Leak 

If you’ve noticed dampness and an odour in your home (especially in areas where your system flows through) then there’s possibly a leak. Not only is this harmful to you and your family because of the increasing risk of a mould outbreak, but it can also cause extreme structural damage. 

3) The Boiler Pressure Is Worrying 

Have you checked your boiler? Your built-in pressure gauge will indicate how high or low your pressure is if you’re unable to determine if there’s a problem. Low pressure can be dependent on a number of factors including possible leaks and parts that need to be replaced. 

4) Unusual Noises

Perhaps one of the most obvious signs that you have a heating problem, is the strange noises that are coming from your boiler or pipes. It could be gurgling or even whistling, but you should not ignore it if the sounds are not something you’ve experienced before.  

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, your boiler may be the cause of your heating problem. The cooler months may be coming to an end, but a problem left unchecked can cause more damage in the future and it’s advisable to prioritise resolving it as soon as possible. When you’re ready, start by approaching companies that deal with hydronic heating systems in Melbourne. Aqueduct Heating Services will be able to provide you with trusted support for all your queries at competitive rates.

Author: Aqueduct Heating