Hydronic Heating: An Overview


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It is a common fact that Melbourne hydronic heating is one of the most comfortable forms of central heating systems available. The heating process relies on a self circulating water system that is heated by natural gases or a boiler. This water is then circulated from the boiler into its fan convectors, panel radiators or built in convectors. The generated heat radiates into the air within in a room or space to provide a pleasant warm environment to your home or work place.


Hydronic heating has many benefits, some of which include being safe, reliable, quiet and efficient functioning, has a low maintenance reputation, uses natural convection and is an ideal heating solution for those suffering from asthma and other allergies.


Hydronic systems are also known to be amongst the most cost effective types of heating systems as water is an energy efficient producer of heat. The process of heat generation allows for the warmth to be more evenly distributed throughout each living/working space, leaving the area warmer for longer. This ultimately provides the benefit of setting the heater to a lower overall temperature which in turn reduces its average energy consumption.


The cost of hydronic heating generally depends on how the water of your boiler is being heated. Using solar power is known to be the cheapest method of any source of heating and power. However, if you are using electricity to power your hydronic heating system, this still tends to be significantly cheaper than most underfloor heating processes. Gas powered hydronic heating is cheaper again as gas boilers are one of the most efficient ways of converting power to heat.


Natural Convector

Natural Convectors are designed to combine the advantages of central heating with the acute efficiency and silence of panel radiators. They are a more natural choice of heating as the heater casing never gets hotter than human body temperature, making it a safe option for families with young children and/or the elderly. This makes natural convectors an ideal heating solution for both the home and care centres such as kindergartens, schools, daycare centres and aged care nursing homes.


Natural convectors function by the pumping of hot water from a central boiler passing through pipes and into the convector where the natural system of heating does the rest. Cool air enters the boiler via the bottom of the natural convector and is then passed through the system until it escapes through the top. As the air passes the hot water pipes, the air is heated up and once released from the convector, this air then evenly circulates warmth throughout the room in a quiet manner.


Panel Radiators

Panel Radiators are often observed to provide the most pleasant form of heating. This system is silent and functions via natural convection to radiate heat. Hot water from a central boiler is circulated through the heated panels which ultimately provides warmth through radiation. Panel radiators can also distribute warmth through natural convection as described above, where cool air is heated up by the warm fins behind the panel and then slowly rises to the top where it circulates warm air providing a comfortable even temperature throughout the entire room.


Hot Water Boilers

Efficient hot water boiler systems function in a method of pumping water to all areas of your home via natural convectors, panel radiators or fan connection. These systems can come in various sizes with various installation options that can be done either within the home, outside and can be mounted onto an external wall. The systems ignition is electronic which means there is no need to relight a pilot at any time throughout the colder months of the year. Each boiler has an accurate water temperature control system to assist in its efficient functioning and silent distribution of warm air. These types of heating systems are made with advanced safety regulations and features including a flow switch, automatic high temperature cut outs and a pressure relief valve. They also come with an expansion tank and are designed to run for years without any technical disturbances or need for service.

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Author: nick thorn