Key benefits of Baxi Hydronic Heating


Choosing heaters or boilers can be very difficult. There are so many different options when it comes to deciding what kind of heater that best suits your home and to help comfort those colder months throughout the year.

Baxi currently have three different models of system boilers, along with a wide range of different heating and hot water outputs to suit just about any type of home or office area. These boilers are made to the highest quality possible, with many features and advantages to ensure that you have chosen the right heater.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Baxi boilers as your next choice over other leading brands.

1. Produced in the UK
Baxi is a British manufacturer that produces very reliable, long-lasting products that are great value for money, with easily accessible parts readily available in the Australia. Baxi have their own team of committed engineers, and strong guarantees on all of their products, to make your choice of boiler that little bit easier.

2: Efficiency and value
System boilers are overall, more efficient and cleaner than regular boilers as all the essential components are compacted into the boiler itself, to reduce the need for an expansion tank or separate pump and pressure vessel.

Consumer feedback highlights the appreciation that Baxi boilers have a higher output and longer guarantee for the same price as high end brands.

An example of the quality and value of Baxi boilers to consider follows;
The Duo-Tec boasts a 2yr Warranty, 5yr Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Warranty, up to 96% efficiency, a 1:7 modulation ratio, state of the art Gas Adaptive control, and a 7 model range for both heating only and Combi use!

Customers also tend to enjoy the quietness of the boiler itself. Because of the way in which system boilers are manufactured, they are significantly quieter than most regular boilers. This is a result of the pressurised systems that omits the production of any noise when the boiler is functioning.

3: 2-year guarantee (with no catch)
A great benefit of buying a Baxi boiler is that the range of boilers come with a 2 year guarantee upon purchase. With this also comes the opportunity for you or your installer to choose controls that are as simple or sophisticated as you wish. Additionally, you can also install any central heating filter of your preference with your heater, allowing you to ultimately obtain the best performing heater possible.

To ensure your guarantee remains valid, the new Baxi boiler must be serviced by an accredited Baxi Specialist like Aqueduct Heating Services.

4: Household name

Many Baxi boilers have been installed across the world and have come to be enjoyed by people everywhere. More people tend to ask about Baxi boilers, in store and online, than any other retail brand due to the fact of trusting a well known manufacturer and feeling comfortable with a brand that has been well received by consumers for many years.

5: Extra long, twin flue
Finally, Baxi boilers are one of the few manufacturers around the nation to offer a twin flue system, giving them an edge over other leading boiler brands. What this means is that the boiler can be located in areas that might be impossible for other types of heaters to fit. The twin flue allows the boilers to be placed over long distances from an outside wall, with a greater vertical or horizontal length than normal flues. And since the twin flue system has a diameter of only 80mm, it is able to be fitted to ceiling voids proving an advantage over other boilers as ceilings usually cannot accommodate larger flue ducts and brackets. This makes finding somewhere to put your boiler much less of a hassle, whilst making your new boiler even more versatile.

Author: nick thorn