Make An Architectural Statement With Residential Hydronic Heating Panels

Decorative, functional and efficient are three top reasons why Melbourne homeowners have come to prefer hydronic heating panels in Melbourne to heat their homes. With an extensive array of panel choices to choose from, homeowners can seamlessly achieve two goals to enhance the comfort of their homes and elevate their interior design to WOW status.

While the primary consideration for choosing heating panels is the kW output required to heat a space, hydronic heating manufacturers have made design another factor in the creation of the panels as they realise that consumers want something streamlined and contemporary looking that won’t clash with their décor.  If you’re looking to install hydronic heating panels in your home, make sure they meet the following functions and application requirements:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Wall panels feature horizontal or vertical designs and are available in different sizes and several panels, materials and finishes – all of which make achieving a contemporary look effortless. Material choices include steel panels, and aluminium and finishes include high gloss, corrosion-resistant and scratch-free.

  • High Performance

Panel heaters have the added advantage of offering high heating output with a relatively fast warm-up time. Product models may also feature integrated control systems so that homeowners can control heat output and comfort in individual rooms where panels are installed.

  • Durable

Hydronic heating panels are manufactured to exacting standards with top quality materials to offer a long reliable service life.

  • Versatile

Hydronic heating panels are ideal for heating most spaces in a home, from open living areas and bathrooms to bedrooms and home offices and even entryways.

  • Clean And Quiet

For homes with allergy sufferers, panels make for a perfect choice in heating appliances as they do not circulate air and dust around, They’re also silent, allowing for a good night’s sleep when in use.

With the exciting variety of styles and designs to choose from, there is a hydronic heating panel for every home. Need expert advice on the best type of Melbourne hydronic heating panels to select for your Melbourne home? Then contact Aqueduct Heating Services today. We’re leading residential hydronic specialists.

Author: nick thorn