Why use an accredited Baxi Hydronic installer

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Why not just do it yourself? Why not get the back yard boys to do it? There are many sites on how to install a hydronic boiler such as Baxi and the ever so popular YouTube university?  Sounds easy right?

Yes, it does sound easy. However before you make the decision to install yourself, consider the following

  1. How large should the system be?

If you are installing a new boiler, one of the most important decisions is how large of a system to buy. (i.e.: what capacity of equipment is required to keep your home comfortable?)

How do you know what size?  You would have thought that BIGGER is better, right? Wrong! Not so with a boiler.  Fitting the correct sized boiler can benefit your home and your wallet. It will produce the right amount of heat for the size of your home, which means you aren’t wasting energy. If you have an oversized boiler the energy used to heat your energy input could be double or triple the actual requirement, increasing your energy costs rather than slashing them.

It’s always best to get advice from a fully qualified heating specialist such as Aqueduct Heating Services. They will be able to  calculate the cubic air space in your home and the number of rooms to know what size boiler you need. In the heating industry, determining the answer to what model you need is known as “sizing”. To ensure you are fitted with e correct solution, AHS  perform certain calculations known as a load calculation or heat loss calculation.  This calculation will then be used to properly design the system, to best meet the heating needs of your home in the most efficient manner possible.


  1. What are the local laws and regulations when it comes to Radiant heat?

Laws are ever changing.  Aqueduct Heating Services will be aware of what has changed and what you need to do in your home or business to ensure that you remain in compliance with local building codes and updated rules and regulations.


  1. What can happen if not installed correctly?
  • Water leaks- Water leaks are the biggest concern for any hydronic radiant system.
  • Air in the System – One of the greatest benefits of radiant heat is that it works silently in the background. If air is in the tubes, it can become noisy.
    • Air can damage pumps, seals, and other components. It can produce scale in the water, which builds up and creates blockages in the tubes over time. Therefore a shorter life span
  • Insurance
    • Getting your heating installed by an unlicensed, non qualified installer can have disastrous effects on your insurance policy, costing you thousands


  • Your Warranty may not be validated.


    • The Baxi warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship when the product is installed and operated according to Baxi’s  written installation instructions, subject to the terms within the Limited Warranty document. Improper installation may void this Warranty.
    • Baxi strongly suggests that you use a state qualified or licensed contractor such as Aqueduct Heating Services who are Certified to install Baxi.


So although installing a system yoursefl may appear feasible there is more than meets the eye. Look at it  from this point of view.  If you are going to spend your hard earned cash on a Baxi Boiler, make that investment count and ensure you use an industry specialist.


Get the best installers- Aqueduct Heating Services – Get them to recommend the correct size to save you money . They know everything there is to know about Baxi boilers instillation, hardware, service and maintenance. Using Aqueduct Heating Services an accredited installer will make sure your warranty remains valid.

Once your system is correctly installed, it will require very little maintenance  to keep running at optimal performance, as long as it is installed correctly.

Ensure your solution stands the test of time and creates value for you by engaging only accredited installers.



Author: Travis Pries