Who are Aqueduct Heating Services?


Have you ever called out an electrician, plumber or any service company to your home and while you were waiting for them to arrive , started asking yourself- who exactly are they?  Can I trust them? Will they be able to help me? How much do they know about this particular product?

We realize having a stranger at your home, sometimes makes one feel uneasy. So we would like you to get to know the owner of Aqueduct Heating Services a little better.

Travis, What does Aqueduct Heating ServicesF do?

“Well, we specialise in hydronic heating systems and partnered with Baxi to provide the best heating systems on the market to date”

Why did you decide to open your own business?  

“So I can do my job in the way that satisfies my customers. It is as much about customer satisfaction if not more important as it is about making money.  I love customer service and you know you are successful if you have customers that return time and time again. The majority of my customer not only return but they refer their friends. When I was an employee before starting up Aqueduct Heating Services, clients would call up and ask for me by name because they were extremely happy with the service that I provided.  I wanted to continue offering excellent service. so i decided that the logical progression was to start my own business”

There are so many heating service companies out in Melbourne, why should your clients choose you over your competitors?

“It is simple. I come highly recommended by the suppliers of the boilers. I know my product. I know how it works why it works and how to make it work better.

To give you an idea of how our customers feel about us, here is a referral we recently received:

In all of my years as a homeowner I must say Aqueduct Heating Services  comes across as the single best company I’ve ever contracted to work at my home. From start to finish, AHS was exceeded my expectations in respect to quality, honesty and communication. I would highly recommended Aqueduct Heating Services for your home heating issues. Pricing is fair and the company seems guided by the type of core integrity often lacking these days. Thank you, Travis!”


What makes your service better than say, other hydronic heating system suppliers?


“Most importantly, I treat every customer as my only customer.  Let me explain. No one wants to be without hot water for any length of time so as a rule I will make customers like this my priority as I understand the importance of ensuring my clients family’s and colleagues are warm all year round, especially if the boiler also produces domestic hot water. I will try as a rule of thumb to go there the same day the phone call comes in.

On the subject of phone calls. I make it my mission to answer all calls. I do not like messages to go to the message bank. If they do, I will respond as soon a possible.”


What is your level of knowledge regarding heating systems and specifically Baxi?

“I personally try to answer any questions that a client has regarding the boilers and hydronic heating systems concisely and confidently.

I am passionate about my profession.  I have a thorough understanding of how Baxi boilers work,  I make a point of keeping up to date with the latest technologies and laws and regulations Melbourne has when it comes to heating systems.

At times I’m even contracted by my competitors to attend to their clients properties when they are unable to fix a problem with their boiler. I carry almost every spare part required to repair any Baxi boiler on our market. My success rate of diagnosing and repairing Baxi boilers within the initial callout would be 99%.”

Now that you know Travis a little better, why not ask him to come and assist you with your requirements. He will be happy to give you and your family advice regarding any heating needs that you may have.


Author: Travis Pries