Hydronic Heating – What is it and why should you use it?

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Have you had the pleasure of feeling the warmth of a campfire from a good distance? Or maybe you walked passed a stove when someone was cooking and felt the heat without touching it.

This is how hydronic heating works. With hydronic heating, heat is radiated through a sealed system keeping your home much cleaner and you and your family healthier!

In contrast to your traditional  heating systems that push air around the home, which stirs up the allergens and then proceeds to carry it throughout the house causing all those unwanted sneezes and allergies.

No more thanks to Hydronic Radiant heat.

Hydronic Radiant heat is extremely energy efficient. Take for example the  Baxi Duo-tec. With energy prices on the rise more and more households are struggling to meet the demands of ever escalating utility bills. One of the most practical ways to bring bills down is to use less energy on heating. You could reduce your annual energy bills considerably by installing Baxi.

Baxi  is  so  super efficient because it uses the heat that normally goes out the flue and out into the environment  and instead of escaping and being lost,  that heat is reused and is sent back into the system to preheat water returning to the boiler. This means that system does not have to work that hard to heat it up the water again, saving you energy and hence money.

Once installed, you will immediately notice a difference in your monthly utility bills!  Water conducts heat better than air, so less energy is needed to heat your home. This type of energy use is much better for our environment and leaves a smaller carbon footprint and requires a smaller wallet!

What has been said of Baxi Duo-tec? “This combination boiler is efficient, user-friendly and a great choice for flats and smaller houses.’It’s one of the few boilers we’ve tested which reaches the very highest efficiency standards, matching its claims to meet the A Sedbuk standard.”

The Baxi Duo-tec also won Boiler of the Year at the 2008 Corgi awards for the heating industry.

Why else should one install hydronic heating as opposed to other heating systems?

The main reason any of us want a heating system is for our comfort. Radiant heat consistently provides comfort by way of reliable heating and warmth . It consistently keeps the entire room evenly warm and does not dry out the out air in your house. Cold winter days already do enough to dry out skin and cause irritation  without help from a forced air heating system, which pulls  additional moisture out of the house in the process of heating the air.

Hydronic heating will also keep the tile floor warm to walk upon, should you choose to install it into the slab. In addition, forced air and other fan forced systems can be loud when the heat turns on and off, while hydronic heat works silently in the background to provide maximum consistency. Hydronic heating equipment works in silence while providing warmth for the whole home. Steady heat radiates into the room with nothing to notice but the comfortable temperatures and beautiful silence.

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Author: Travis Pries