Out with the Old, in with the New


So, you’re in need of a new heating system for your family home in Melbourne and you’re wondering just how difficult it would be to install an hydronic system. The answer is, ‘not difficult at all’ provided you’re using a quality product from a qualified professional, such as a Baxi Hydronic Heating System from Aqueduct Heating in Melbourne. Of course, a house on a concrete slab is always going to pose more difficulties than a house on stumps, but it’s not impossible!

Will it cost too much?

It’s quite fair to say, installing an hydronic heating system in Melbourne will likely incur a greater financial outlay initially than, say, conventional forced-air heat but what you must remember is that in the long-run it’ll save around about thirty per-cent in energy costs annually, eventually paying for itself and then saving your hip-pocket each and every year thereafter. Over a lifetime living in Melbourne, you’re undoubtedly going to use your heating with gusto each Winter; with an hydronic heating system you’re making a financially savvy and environmentally-friendly investment that’ll last the test of time. We like to think of the initial cost as short term pain for far greater long-term gain.

What about aesthetics?

The good news is, with the team at Aqueduct Heating in Melbourne you needn’t spend any time worrying about a radiator panel being installed in some ridiculous position, hampering the layout of a room and your home’s overall aesthetics.

Under the leadership of owner, Travis Pries, all Aqueduct Heating Services employees are committed to complete customer interaction and satisfaction, regarding all sales, repairs and service. The team will always work with customers, hear their concerns and work toward a mutual solution with the end result being a happy, warm home operating on a world-class heating system to survive and thrive through each and every Melbourne Winter.

An offer just for you!

For all new customers, there is only one company that you need to think on when thinking about hydronic heating, Aqueduct Heating Services. AHS handle everything associated with BAXI and we make sure to itemize our invoices so you can see any labour costs, associated with any installation, service or repair carried-out by Melbourne’s premier hydronic heating and Baxi Boiler specialists. And don’t forget our latest innovative in hydronic heating supply technology, the Powerflow MK2, designed to comprehensively clean and maintain all hydronic heating radiator systems and boilers with the greatest of ease. The Powerflow MK2 is an acid-proof flushing system capable of removing all corrosion debris, sludge and scale from your hydronic system, therefore enabling it to function at its best all Winter-long.

Author: nick thorn