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Aqueduct Heating Services have a range of service agreements ensuring your that your Baxi hydronic heating continues to work at it’s optimal level year in and year out.

Travis and the team have worked on all types of commercial jobs, from large high rise apartments, to smaller boutique jobs. The AHS reputation has stood the test of time for more than 15 years and still today Aqueduct heating Services continues to thrive.

Looking at a developing a new greenfield site or updating and old one, call Aqueduct Heating Services and get the job done right the first time.

Hydronic heating is one of the most efficient heating systems that are currently available on the market today. Most hydronic heating systems use gas boilers which achieve efficiency ratings of up to 95 percent.

Boiler servicing - Boiler breakdowns and repairs - Boiler replacement - Leaking radiators - Radiator replacement - Leaking radiator valves - Radiator valve replacement - Flushing of hydronic heating systems - Room thermostat replacement - Floor coil manifold replacement

AHS has aim to provide quality Hydronic Heating Boilers Melbourne & Systems for commercial purposes!

Our Successes With Commercial Hydronic Heating

Your commercial building needs to be able to effectively regulate its internal temperature to ensure an optimal working condition for all staff members, as well as to safety facilitate the use of certain equipment. Over the past 15 years. Aqueduct Heating Services (AHS) has successfully completed major hydronic heating projects for a wide variety of commercial properties, including high-rise apartments and smaller exclusive buildings. We use our expertise and quality workmanship to install Baxi hydronic heating systems, which guarantees energy efficiency and helps our clients secure a rating of up to 95 percent, which translates into a huge saving.

Commercial Heating Support

When you use AHS for your hydronic heating needs, you won’t be working with a company that will ‘set and forget’ their systems. With our service agreements in place, we’ll monitor it to ensure that it works at its best, year after year, in addition to providing servicing and repairing. We’ll deal with any leaks or breakages that may arise from your boilers, radiator valves or room thermostats, recommending and undertaking replacements and when necessary.

Choosing The Best System For Your Needs

AHS recommends that its clients use a hydronic heating system over standard ducted and electrical split system units as it works better. For a standard space with a 2.7m ceiling you will spend a fifth less on heating compared to a ducted system and the higher your ceiling, the more you’ll save, reaching a maximum of 40%. With electrical split system your savings can be as high as 70%.

Safe And Healthy

Not only do our systems save you money – they’re safer and healthier too. By using natural radiation, the air isn’t made drier or moister, making it perfect for easy breathing. It also eliminates dust and allergens, making it ideal for patients with medical problems like asthma.

With no exposed wires or connections are required for it to be installed and as you can set a pre-determined heating level, a hydronic system is much safer and drastically minimises the risk of a fire occurring.

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