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AHS works with all forms of governmental agencies by fully customising a hydronic heating Melbourne cost effective solution to drastically reduce their current energy consumptions levels.

Travis and his team install and service Baxi Hydronic Systems in schools, hospitals, public housing and office buildings all across Melbourne.

Hydronic heating is one of the most efficient heating systems that are currently available on the market today. Most hydronic heating systems use gas boilers which achieve efficiency ratings of up to 95 percent.

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Hydronic Heating for Melbourne Government Departments

Australians rely on the government to help keep things running smoothly behind the scenes on everything from roadworks to public lighting to taxation, as well as the maintenance and upkeep of schools, hospitals, public houses and public office buildings across Melbourne. Every department is under pressure to get the necessary work done, often on tight budgets or under major time pressure. As premium Melbourne hydronic heating suppliers, Aqueduct Heating Services knows that a comfortable environment is necessary for any public building that will host people, but we also know that costing is a major factor when seeking such a service. It’s why we’re proud to support all forms of governmental agencies by fully customising a hydronic heating Melbourne cost solution to drastically reduce their current energy consumptions levels.

Low Cost Hydronic Heating for Melbourne Public Buildings

Aqueduct Heating Services specialises in installing, maintaining, repairing and servicing Baxi Hydronic Systems in small and large public buildings across Melbourne. It’s a form of heating we recommend to government concerns as its heating efficiency means that it has a rating of up to 95 percent, resulting in a huge saving. This makes it more affordable than split system units and it works excellently in buildings with high ceilings and ducted systems. As it will rely on natural gas going forward, the system will also save money in the long run,

As health is a major concern for public buildings, a heating source that doesn’t create uncomfortable humidity or suck the moisture from the air is essential. A hydronic system has been proven to eliminate dust and allergens, which makes it well suited for hospitals and clinics, not to mention schools. It also lacks exposed circuitry or other risky elements that frequently lead to fires, making it a great choice for old and historical buildings with a significant damage risk.

Trust Aqueduct Heating Services For All Your Heating Needs

If you’re looking for a business that can meet all your Melbourne hydronic heating needs, Aqueduct Heating Services can help. Not only can we install your boiler if you’ve never had one before – we can service an existing one, replace it or repair it should it break down. We can also assist you with issues relating to your radiator and thermostat.

For more information on low-cost hydronic heating for Melbourne government departments, contact us today.

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