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To avoid that cold, uncomfortable feeling of waking up in the morning to a freezing cold shower, you need the services of professional boiler system experts. At Aqueduct Heating Services, we’ve dedicated our time and energy, along with extensive knowledge and experience in providing our clients with expert boiler system services that work every time.

Ensure that your Baxi Hydronic Heating System will operate reliably and efficiently throughout winter by having it serviced comprehensively and regularly. We’ll dismantle and clean your boiler, check its gas and water pressures, check the operation of the water regulator and also assess its relief valve, thermostat and other safety devices.

We’ll bleed your radiators and add an inhibitor to your system if required. If you have a high-efficiency boiler, we’ll also carry out a combustion test.

In short, we’ll do everything necessary to ensure that you enjoy fast, safe and economical heat all winter long!

A Variety Of Hydronic Heating Unit Services For Your Convenience

Our Baxi Boiler systems have changed the lives and quality of water heating for a number of Melbourne residents and commercial properties. Once you make the switch, it’s nearly impossible to be satisfied with any other brand. Therefore, we’re devoted to offering all our clients individually tailored services and repairs on their heating units that work all year round, so you will never need to make the switch!

Proactive Servicing

As fully licensed and insured Baxi Boiler specialists, we’re determined to give you friendly and high-quality customer service. We aim to provide safe and reliable results on all our service plans and to protect the integrity of your hot water heating systems. When you have an emergency, you can have the confidence to call us for same day servicing for whatever issue you may be experiencing.

Providing You With A Healthier Alternative

We understand that several people occupy your home and commercial property and this can easily spread allergens. With a regularly serviced hydronic heating system, you can look forward to perfect air quality.

Whenever you need prompt hydronic heating system services and repairs, we’re ready to come to your rescue with unprecedented versatility that meets all your needs. Call Aqueduct Heating Services on 0437 197 369 today for servicing, installation and more.

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