I need a Boiler Changeover

If your hydronic boiler is starting to under perfom, perhaps it is time to update to a new Baxi Boiler. Baxi Boilers are the world leaders in hydronic heating technology. Baxi produce the smallest, quietest and most efficient boilers available. Aqueduct heating Services deal only in Baxi Boilers and with every boiler changeover we offer a FREE, COMPREHENSIVE HYDRO POWER FLUSH, ensuring that your new boiler and existing infrastructure work together to produce the most efficient and effective heat available.

Boiler Changeover
Why Choose Baxi Boilers

Baxi Boilers are neater, easier to use and quicker to install than it competitors. Furthermore Baxi provides a different system for all occasions, ensuring that you pay for the right system that does the best possible job to meet your needs.

What we do?

Hydronic heating boiler servicing - Repair/replace headers - Hydronic heating breakdowns - Boiler replacements -Radiator relocation - Radiator replacements - Power flushing - Water leak repairs to hydronic systems - Much More

Licensed & Insured

Yes we are fully insured and licensed to work on hydronic systems. Hydronic systems is all that we do. We are the one stop shop for all your Baxi needs and we provide a friendly service that works first time everytime.

Baxi Specialist

AHS work exclusively with Baxi Boilers, the most trusted name in Hydronic Heating. We know Baxi Boilers inside and out, with close on 20 years experience dealing in the full range of Baxi products, we know how to keep your Baxi in good shape.

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