System Heating for your Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most universally used rooms in every home or work place, so it is important to make it a space where everyone can feel comfortable and where they can enjoy spending time together. Part of creating a comfortable atmosphere comes from maintaining a warm and inviting environment, and for the kitchen, there is a vast range of heating solutions available to provide the perfect haven.

Aqueduct Heating Services offer a range of different heating systems suitable for any kitchen, from traditional radiators to modern underfloor heating.

Panel and Column Radiators

Radiator heaters are one of the most popular heating systems all around the world. Different types and styles of radiators range and vary in design to offer a greater choice of applications to suit any area and in house structure, whilst providing a timeless means to heat your home.

The range and variety of column radiators allows you to personally select a style and design that will fit into any and all spaces inside your home, particularly in the kitchen. The demand for radiator heating designs comes from popularity in robust and traditional looking systems which can transcend both a modern and traditional style and feel to any area.

This type of heating system also offers durability and efficient functionality for many years on end, with little need for service and professional maintenance.

Available in a variety of sizes, heights, and designs, column and panel radiators offer both a focal feature, as well as an excellent heat generation to any home that is sure to leave all rooms feeling comfortable and warm.


Underfloor heating

Although underfloor heating can often stereotypically be associated with large costs and large energy expenditure, this type of heating system is one of the most efficient ways to warm your home. Through innovative and technological developments, underfloor heating now isn’t as costly as most think.

This system of heating generates through underfloor piping which emits heat from the floor up producing an even temperature that spreads throughout the entire room. This is why so many people are now choosing this method of heating for their kitchens; as heat radiates from ground up, underground heating omits any uncomfortable feelings of cold floors and surfaces inside the kitchen, particularly in the winter time.

The structure of the heating design, being near invisible makes an ideal model for kitchens with limited space or those with a minimalist design. With a choice of two main systems; wet (through the use of pipes to circulate hot water from a central heating system) or electric (which uses heating mats that are located on the subfloor), there is likely to be a design that fits perfectly into your kitchen area.

With such a range in design and types of heating systems, Aqueduct Heating Services has the solution for both your kitchen and all areas of your entire home.

Author: nick thorn