The Beauty of Baxi Boilers in Melbourne

Baxi product

For some time now, Victoria’s capital has been enjoying a steady construction boom. From your traditional family home in the suburbs to high-density inner-city apartments, if you’re one of the thousands on the cusp of owning a new home, no doubt you’ve weighed-up your heating options. But have you considered the benefits of hydronic heating in Melbourne, particularly when supported by world-leading technology from Baxi Boilers? The team at Aqueduct Heating Melbourne are here to tell you why you should.

Hooray for hydronic efficiency

As a basic overview for all savvy Melbourne dwellers, hydronic heating operates by warming water in a boiler. The water then travels through specially pressurised pipes to a radiator or heating panels that are strategically positioned throughout a building. Eventually, the cooled water is returned to the boiler to be reheated and the economical process continues. The use of hydronic heating in Melbourne is steadily increasing, as home and business-owners alike realise its potential as a clean, green heating solution. But just like buying a new car, there are many options within the hydronic heating market. You’d hardly compare a BMW with a Kia; the same should be said for a Baxi hydronic heating system versus the rest.

Baxi Boilers Do It Best

The Baxi brand has been manufacturing in the UK since the 1860s. Since then, it has established itself as one of the world’s most highly-sought-after and reliable boiler producers. It is for this reason that the team at Aqueduct Heating Melbourne have chosen to deal exclusively in boilers, parts and servicing of Baxi hydronic heating systems. Indeed, Aqueduct Heating is Melbourne’s only licensed servicing agent for Baxi, so it’s safe to say the respect is mutual. Baxi’s high-efficiency boilers, smart controls and low-carbon technologies are straightforward to install, maintain, service and use. And with a vast array of sizes and models, there’s little surprise in Aqueduct Heating Melbourne’s choice to work only with this quality product. Why deal with the rest when you can work with the best?

After-sales service and repairs

A quality product alone is like a BMW with no wheels. Travis Pries and the team at Aqueduct Heating Melbourne are determined to give all customers the means to drive their heating system like a Formula One racer. Travis founded his business back in 2004 for this exact reason. By all means, jump online and consider other forms of heating, such as wood-fires, ducted-heating, electric, reverse-cycle and many more, while also considering other hydronic heating specialists around Melbourne; you’d be foolish not to. But then also take the time to have a chat with Travis and his work-mates, consider all they have to offer beyond the initial prpoduct-sale and you’ll surely see the trustworthy winner. As a starting point, take a look at the heating advice offered by Choice at and Sustainability Victoria via

Author: nick thorn