What is Hydronic Heating?

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Hydronic heating is an efficient and flexible way to heat any home or office area that is also safe, comfortable, and economical for consumers.

The Hydronic Heating System comes in 3 basic configurations:

  1. Simple wall hung boiler.
  2. Traditional boiler and indirect tank.
  3. Expanded system.


The gas Boiler:
Gas hydronic heating boilers Melbourne heat your home or office space in a way of burning natural gas or propane to generate warmth. The gas enters the heater via a burner which then ignites the gas and efficiently transfers heat through water tubes in the heat exchanger. On the other side of the heat exchanger is heated water which is delivered to radiators, base boards or in-floor heating tubes all throughout your home. Water then passes through heater emitters and soon returns to the boiler in one of several circuit paths. The hot water derived from the boiler can also be directed to a separate water heater to supply your home or area with hot water, or even be used to heat a pool.


Whether it be for a replacement for an old heating system or an addition to a new home, there are many advantages to heating your home using a hydronic heating system.

Hydronic heating allows;

  • Heating zones to be customised to preferred heating level in separate rooms.
  • Space saving, meaning that there is no bulky ductwork involved that would usually reduced square footage in your home.
  • Heat to be evenly distributed in a room: leaving no drafts or hot and cold spots throughout an area, as with forced air.
  • Minimal movement ofallergens and dust particles.
  • One system to heat your home and your domestic water
  • The use of a boiler in association with an indirect water heater
  • The use of a combined boiler that can offer both area heating and domestic water heating from the same unit.
  • Warm feet through in-floor radiant heating.
  • Your boiler to be used as a pool heating system or for snow melting as well.


Radiant Floor and Baseboard Heating:

Hydronic systems provide a clean and quiet heating system that provides even heat distribution in each room.

  • Hydronic heating systems produce heat through a sealed system that keeps your home and inside air much cleaner which also provides a healthier environment for you and your family.
  • Hydronic heating systems also tend to be much more quiet than regular heating systems. There is no noise produced from loud blowers, air moving through ducts, or large motors that you would usually experience with alternative types of heating.
  • Hydronic systems heat without the use of system blowers but through convection and radiation


Forced Air

Forced air heating systems, compared to hydronic, provide uneven heat distribution in each room with unclean air production and produce more noise.

  • In a forced hot air heating system, the hot air that is produced quickly rises to the ceiling and collects there. This effect often results in the feeling of uneven heating to both the room and the individual body.
  • Forced hot airsystems also have the tendency to spread dust, dander and pollen throughout the home, by blowing hot air into each
  • Forced hot air systems utilise noisy fans to circulate air around the house that can be clearly heard throughout the household when functioning, creating an unsettling environment.


Latest Technologies
Hydronic heating systems can be mounted and run from a wall thermostat or it can be configured into a wireless control system that connects to your smart phone. Whether you prefer to set it from a wall control or communicate your home’s temperature level when you travel, a hydronic heating system can work to suit your need.
Boilers today have advanced programming and accessory settings included, that maximise their operation. One new advancement in such technology is outdoor reset. This setting adjusts the boiler temperature based on the temperature outside. The technology allows the system to deliver the right amount of heat to match the heat being lost outside to ensure you enter your home into the perfect comfort of warmth.


Whichever way you prefer, hydronic heating systems are sure to provide the exact heating quality you desire, so you and your family experience an even warmth level all throughout those colder months.

Author: nick thorn