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Baxi product

While hydronic heating in Melbourne may not be the most common means to heat a home, its popularity is growing as more and more consumers become aware of its environmental and economic benefits, not to mention its superior heating-output. You can think of it as the Rolls Royce of the heating market. No, it doesn’t have the kind of exuberant price-tag you’d associate with a Rolls but it does have the prestige, reliability and quality.

Having said that, like any form of heating used to combat Winter in Melbourne, hydronic heating is only as good as the mechanisms it utilises and the service it receives. To achieve the best possible result, you need to use the best possible methods and products; a sound (and common sense) philosophy employed by Melbourne’s leading hydronic heating specialist, Aqueduct Heating Services.

So, with that in mind, let’s assess the best in boilers. Like the wheels to your Rolls, any hydronic heating system being installed in Melbourne requires a quality boiler if it’s to operate most efficiently and reliably. The Baxi Boiler brand is renowned for its quality manufacturing and a history of market-leading technology. Since humble beginnings in the UK in 1866, Baxi has become one of the most trusted heating brands world-wide. In Melbourne, Baxi boilers are the primary product utilised by Aqueduct Heating Services for this reason. Why use the rest when you can use the best?

Baxi Luna HT

The Baxi Luna HT is one of the brand’s most highly recommended models for use within residential, commercial and government hydronic heating systems in Melbourne. The Luna HT is a wall-hung condensing boiler, the technology of which is the latest face of boiler innovation. By employing pre-mix burner know-how, the Luna HT ensures higher performance and cleaner operation than standard boilers because almost all the heat available through combustion is recovered without wasting energy into the air, has happens with traditional boilers. The Luna HT is considered an environmental leader, reducing up to 80% of NOx and 90% of CO2. It is approved for use with natural gas and propane and highly regarded for its versatility, as an ideal boiler for single unit installation through to cascade systems of up to 16 boilers in a series.

Baxi Power HT

Where eco-efficiency meets power there is the Baxi Power HT; yet another popular condensing Baxi boiler model within Melbourne’s hydronic heating market. As with the Luna HT, the Baxi Power HT offers superior performance and clean operation, however the Baxi Power HT is to be installed as a floor-standing indoor/outdoor boiler. When utilised in low-temperature systems, the Power HT typically facilitates a 30% reduction in gas expenditure and, like the Luna HT, can reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%, compared to standard hot-water boilers. The Power HT is highly recommended for use within government, commercial and industrial hydronic heating systems in Melbourne, such as hospitals.

Author: nick thorn