What Makes Better Sense – Boiler Repairs vs Replacement?

It might be hot outside, but there’s never been a better time for you as a homeowner to check on hydronic heating systems Melbourne you’ll be using in winter to keep your home warm. The reason why it’s better to do it sooner rather than later as this will allow you to see if you need to replace or repair your boiler. The decision between replacing and repairing can be a tricky one, which is why it helps to know what each choice involves. Picking the wrong option can mean you completely replace something to great expense when only a small fix was needed or that you’ve opted for a repair that will fail in a matter of weeks as the damage is too great.

Check Your Boiler For The Following Faults

If your boiler is displaying the following symptoms, you’ll need to consider a repair or replacement:

  • Your water isn’t heating up
  • Your boiler is leaking or dripping
  • Your boiler’s pilot light on the back has gone off
  • There are strange whistling or gurgling noises
  • There are pressure discrepancies such as forceful spray or dribbling from the tap

When To Consider A Repair

  • Water pressure issues are commonly caused by bleeding radiators that release air and lower the air pressure. An expert can quickly repair this at an economical rate. 
  • A radiator that isn’t heating up properly can be caused by deposits in the system weakening its performance. A power flush can resolve it before the issue worsens. 
  • Minor, affordable problems involving your boiler’s thermocouple, automatic air vent and boiler ignition are usually covered under standard service plans. 

When To Consider A Replacement

  • When your boiler system breaks down due to excessive corrosion because it hasn’t been serviced in a while, the acidity in the water has eaten away at the seal and repair work will probably be costlier than a replacement. 
  • Poor boiler combustion is a serious problem as it can lead to fire and explosions. For everyone’s safety, replace your boiler system in this case. 
  • When your boiler’s flue doesn’t meet gas safety standards, a replacement is needed.

Now that you have these points, you can make the decision that best fits your boiler needs as well as your pocket. Whether you need a repair or replacement, you can contact Aqueduct Heating Services for assistance.

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Author: nick thorn