Why choose a hydronic heating system over alternative heating systems


Hydronic heating.

A hydronic heating system is dependant on hot water to heat a room or a entire home. Hydronic heating produces a central heating system to keep the area in the home warm. Due to the system in which a boiler heats water and then distributes the hot water through a pipe system in the house, your home is likely to stay warm for longer, by keeping warmth within the household.

Central heating systems are known for generating and distributing heat through radiators or underfloor pipes and a boiler. The heat is usually generated in one location before it is evenly distributed throughout the home or building. This does not mean that the boiler must be placed in a central location, but can be placed anywhere within or adjacent to the heating structure.

This system of heating posses greater heating capacity and efficiency than any alternative heating solution, as other heating structures simply push fan forced air into your home only to warm the air. These systems don’t warm any objects within the area and generally results in the expenditure of more money spent on running costs.


The hydronic central heating system is one of the most efficient and economical heating alternatives available for households. It is generally preferred by those in cooler climates as it uses less energy to produce the same amount of heat than other heating systems. It has also been proven in recent talks within the industry that have stated that heating your home from the floor up rather than vice-versa is much more comfortable and effective.


So why Choose a Hydronic Heating System?

When installing a hydronic heating system into a new building or house, there is some initial investment required, but when they are functioning at their full capacity, Hydronic Heating Boilers Melbourne can be up to three times more efficient than any electric underfloor heating systems. Well designed systems can be very practical in terms of energy use and economical aspects to heat your household. Below is a list of benefits that come with hydronic heating systems;


  • energy efficient – The system of heating the water within the hydronic can be sourced through solar heating, providing an energy efficient system. There is also the ability to zone the system which allows you to heat specific rooms rather than heating the entire household, which in turn saves energy.
  • Healthy – Hydronic heating is also a healthier heating option as it does not incorporate the use of fans to circulate the warm air. Fan forced systems promote the circulation of dust mites, pollens and other allergens which can act as a health hazard to those within the household. Hydronic heating offers a healthier options for warmth, especially to those who suffer from respiratory problems by not promoting such circulation.
  • Reliable – hydronic heating is also very reliable as it is very low in maintenance. As boilers have very few moving parts, there is very little that can break or go wrong within the system, thus you can count on the system to run smoothly for years without having to repair it.
  • Safe – this system is also generally more safe than alternative heating systems due to the fact that it doesn’t expose any hazardous wires or parts.
  • Silent – One unique aspect of Hydronic Heating is that it is silent, even when functioning. Unlike other forms of heating, Hydronic systems heat your home in peace and quiet.
  • Flexible – These systems are suitable for all types of properties, and can be extended or altered at anytime and with a wide range of system options and styles.


With the ability to be combined with radiators or an underfloor pipe system, hydronic heating provides the house with the necessary warmth during the cold seasons. With all these added benefits of being energy efficient, safe and healthy for all inhabitants, hydronic heating is the best choice to keep your house warm throughout the year.

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Author: nick thorn