Winter is Coming!


It’s not even Winter yet and Melbourne has already been pummelled with successive, Antarctic cold-fronts bringing icy rain, wild winds and even a dusting of snow to alpine areas. Already websites and newspapers are advertising ‘Winter escapes’ to tropical destinations as the forecast of a long, cold Winter gains momentum. At this point, we can only hope you have a well-maintained, toasty hydronic heating system in your Melbourne home. But, if not, instead of dreading the Winter ahead let’s look at a couple of your best options to keep warm with Melbourne’s hydronic heating specialists at Aqueduct Heating Services.

Baxi Luna 3 – Your convenient boiler

The Luna 3 is just one of the Baxi Hydronic Heating Boilers available in Melbourne from Aqueduct Heating. The Luna 3 is a wall-mounted conventional boiler offering European technology in a highly efficient, compact and easy to fit unit, which can be installed internally or externally. The nickel-chrome, stainless steel design of the premix-burner and primary-heat-exchanger provide resistance to corrosion and low heat inertia. A direct vent and sealed combustion chamber provide quiet operation, meaning the Luna 3 Comfort is also approved for closet installation. It is also ideal for retro-fitting.

Features of this Melbourne Baxi Boiler favourite include: electronic flame modulation, electronic ignition, a circulating pump with built-in air vent, radio interference filtering and an anti-frost device on heating.

When it comes to safety, it’s hard to go past any Baxi boiler product, but the Luna 3 in particular has safety in spades, making it ideal for your family home. Safety features include a self-check automatic control system, an overheat limit thermostat, gas control electronic panel, and a pressure switch to prevent the boiler operating in the event of low water.

Baxi Duo-Tech GA

Next we have the Duo-Tech Baxi range, which is ideal for homes with higher usage demands. The Duo-Tech GA uses gas adaptive control, which automatically calibrates and adjusts to the gas supply for reduced gas consumption (a welcome win for the hip-pocket). It is rated one of the most efficient domestic boilers on the Australian market due to its gas condensing technology, which extracts and reuses heat from burnt gases to deliver a rated efficiency of 97%, saving money and reducing emissions.

Other features of this Melbourne Baxi Boiler favourite include: seven model choices for indoor/outdoor use, wall hung, compact size and minimal weight, an intelligent internal integrated operating system, complete sound-proofing for quiet operation, and frontal access for easy servicing by the team at Aqueduct Heating Services Melbourne.

Look out for our next blog, detailing the Baxi Luna HT and the Power HT.

Author: nick thorn