Is your Boiler under performing?

It might be time to get AHS to replace and update your boiler.

AHS is the  hydronic specialist for Baxi Heating Systems, we recommend Baxi boilers as they are the most reliable and efficient boilers available for your hot water and hydronic heating systems.

– Ensure your boiler is working at optimal levels.
– Quieter & more Energy Efficient
– Environmentally clean Heating

Aqueduct heating Services deal only in Baxi Boilers.

Approach Group - Is your Boiler under performing?

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AHS is a fully licensed and insured hydronic specialist for Baxi Heating Systems

Melbourne's Experts in Hydronic Heating & Servicing.

Hydronic Heating Servicing

Ensure that your Baxi Hydronic Heating System will operate reliably and efficiently all year round

Hydronic Heating Servicing

Hydronic Heating Boiler Replacement

If your hydronic boiler is starting to under perform, perhaps it is time to update.

Hydronic Heating Boiler Replacement

Hydronic Heating Installation

Baxi Boilers are neater, easier to use and quicker to install than it's competitors.

Hydronic Heating Installation